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The Big Local South Bermondsey Partnership is a way, a tool, to involve local people in shaping the area we live in. This is a map of the area and the Estates we cover.

The Old Kent Road is already the site of great new developments and will be undergoing further regeneration when the much-publicised tube line arrives.

We believe local residents should have influence and a say in changes that will affect their homes, jobs, the local economy and their environment.

We were allocated £1million pounds of funding from the Big Lottery and we are now in Year 7 of this 10-year project.

We have funded and set up the Big Local Works at 4 Market Place, Bermondsey, (www.biglocalworks.org.uk), which offers free, one to one benefit and welfare advice, preparing local residents for employment and supporting enterprise and social entrepreneurs in the area.

We also funded and helped set up the Bermondsey Community Kitchen also in Market Place, Bermondsey.  These are what we call our legacy projects.

Community Regeneration Partnership The Old Kent Road, South Bermondsey

The chair of the Board…

Paul Kyriacou is the chairman of the Board, a position he has held since the inception of the Partnership.

Paul was born and bred in Bermondsey on the Avondale Estate which he represents on the Board.

Paul says “representing the area I was born in and having the influence to make a lasting difference and a legacy for future generations is an opportunity I cherish and will work hard to make it happen.”

He continued describing the amount of hard work that has led to the Partnership’s seventh year in existence.  Paul praised the Board members who have contributed on a voluntary basis their time and energy to improve the estates which run along the Old Kent Road.

Paul is constantly on the lookout for new members who want to join the Board and help make a difference.  He says, “Everybody will receive a warm welcome, everybody can play a part. Please contact us through our Community Engagement Officer, Dora Dixon-Fyle on 07939 537 642 or complete the online form and we will contact you.”

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